Speaking Characters

Wannes Deneer studies speakers to understand how they work. He knocks, cuts and screws them open, analysing the source of electronic sound. Afterwards, he makes his own speakercollages. Using magnets, copper wire, cardboard, plastic foil, paper, string, metal cans and stones, different configurations are tested in prototypes. Each choice affects the shape and sound. By refining and adjusting, each speaker acquires its own aural and visual character. Together, the assemblages form a polyphonic orchestra of remarkable speakers.

Speaking Characters is a playful installation full of wonder for the physics and technology of sound. The composition repeats itself continuously, evolving from low to high, from abstract to concrete, from inaudible to audible and from visible to invisible. Spectators move freely through the installation, thus composing their own symphony.

An ode to searching. An ode to listening.

11/05/2023 Leuven STUK first showing
18/04/2024 Aarschot CC Het Gasthuis
19/04/2024 Aarschot CC Het Gasthuis
20/04/2024 Aarschot CC Het Gasthuis
21/04/2024 Aarschot CC Het Gasthuis
23/04/2024 Aarschot CC Het Gasthuis
24/04/2024 Aarschot CC Het Gasthuis
25/04/2024 Aarschot CC Het Gasthuis
26/04/2024 Aarschot CC Het Gasthuis
27/04/2024 Aarschot CC Het Gasthuis
28/04/2024 Aarschot CC Het Gasthuis
02/05/2024 Antwerpen Monty Beyond the Black Box
04/05/2024 Antwerpen Monty Beyond the Black Box

vrij te bezoeken tijdens Boze Wolf festival

concept: Wannes Deneer, artistic advice: Meryem Bayram, dramaturgy : Marie Peeters, production: Matter Of Sound & Tuning People, residency: Overtoon, with support of the Flemish Government